Sculpture "V.I. Lenin"
Sculpture “V.I. Lenin”
Sculpture “V.I. Lenin”

Schmidt A.A.
Sculpture “V.I. Lenin”
USSR, Moscow. 1924 – not later than 1936
Plaster, bust
94x55x72 cm

A. Schmidt created one of her best works. She managed to capture the thinnest, barely perceptible features of the leader. This sculpture was widely replicated in the USSR until 1936, when its author was repressed.
A. Schmidt died in 1942 during her exile in Kazakhstan.
In 1936 the All-Union Society of Old Bolsheviks transferred the sculpture to the Central Museum of V.I. Lenin.

ГИМ 111810/291
ФМЛ С-297
ГК 6781237