Sculpture "V.I. Lenin on an armored car"
Sculpture “V.I. Lenin on an armored car”
Sculpture “V.I. Lenin on an armored car”

Manizer M.G.
Sculpture “V.I. Lenin on an armored car”
USSR, Moscow. 1966.
Bronze, casting.
The State Historical Museum collection contains three versions of the sculpture “Lenin on an armored car”.

The plot of the sculpture was chosen not by chance: it illustrated the events of April 1917, when Lenin and his associates, after the news of the revolutionary events, left emigration for Russia.
On April 3 (16), 1917, delegations from all districts of Petrograd greeted Lenin at Finlyandsky railway station in Petrograd.
At this solemn meeting, having climbed the armored car, Lenin delivered his first speech to the workers, soldiers, sailors of the revolutionary Petrograd, which went into history as the famous April Theses, and became a program of struggle for the victory of the socialist revolution in Russia.

ГИМ 111810/428
ФМЛ С-434
ГК 6823706