"Sofia Perovskaya and Andrey Zhelyabov"
“Sofia Perovskaya and Andrey Zhelyabov”
“Sofia Perovskaya and Andrey Zhelyabov”

Kustodiev B. M.
“Sofia Perovskaya and Andrey Zhelyabov”
Paper, ink, pen
21, 3×27, 2 cm

In 1924-1925 B. M. Kustodiev created illustrations for the book “To Children about Lenin”.
In a subtle and lyrical manner the artist illustrates the fatal revolutionary events of the early twentieth century.
Like the whole book, the illustrations bear an educational and moral tone for younger generation, and a clear chronology of events leading up to the 1917 revolution is precisely constructed. These illustrations by Kustodiev are a unique example in pictorial Leniniana: in them he creates a certain style of storytelling for a young reader. Later, this stylistic technique was developed by other artists in children’s publications dedicated to Lenin

ГИМ 113003/30
ГК 6851925