"V.I. Lenin in Emigration. 1905-1907"
“V.I. Lenin in Emigration. 1905-1907”
“V.I. Lenin in Emigration. 1905-1907”

Wiesel E.O.
Painting “V.I. Lenin in Emigration. 1905-1907”
USSR, Leningrad. 1920-s.

E.O. Wiesel painted the portrait “Lenin in Emigration” on the order of the Sovnarcom (Council of People’s Commissars) for the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution.
For a long time this work was in the storerooms of the museum. In the portrait Lenin is depicted as an ordinary person, and even against the background of a frivolous poster. All this did not in any way correspond to the image of a leader that was rooted in the public consciousness.

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