One of the most valuable collections of the Museum of V.I. Lenin is the collection of artistic Leniniana of 1910-1980, which combines the works of several generations of Soviet painters, sculptors and graphic artists.

Paintings by artists B. V. Johanson, A.V. Moravov, and K. G. Savitsky were commissioned specially for the opening of the exhibition in the Central Museum of V. I. Lenin. Some of them were donated to the Museum and marked the beginning of its art collection. At present, the Fund of the former Museum of V.I. Lenin contains 470 paintings and 843 sculptures, as well as 5590 items from the graphics collection.

The collection of paintings includes portraits of V.I. Lenin and the Ulyanov family, I.V. Stalin and other figures of the Soviet state.

Works of genre painting captured the October Revolution of 1917 and significant events in the history of the Soviet state.

Themes, related directly to events in the life of Ulyanov (Lenin) and his family, as well as landscape themes were reflected in the works of artists: Simbirsk, where Vladimir Ilyich was born and lived, places of his exile, various foreign landscapes, the estate in Gorky.

The history of the art collections of the Museum of V.I. Lenin also provides visual material for understanding how the authorities manipulated historical memory for opportunistic interests, focusing on some episodes of history and retouching others.