Introduction article to the documents of RSASPH - V. I. Lenin Museum

The repositories of the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (RSASPH) contain a complete collection of all known documents related to the personality of V.I. Lenin (Ulyanov). The unique archival complex — from the earliest Lenin documents — letters «totems» of twelve-year-old Volodya Ulyanov to his friend Boris Formakovsky — to materials related to memorializing V.I. Lenin after his death — is presented to your attention.

During the Soviet period, many of these documents were not published. They were first published in 1999 in the book «V.I. Lenin. Unknown documents. 1891-1922» prepared by the RSASPH collective. Among them are documents about Lenin’s involvement in solving controversial financial issues of the Bolshevik party, telegrams, notes, resolutions of the Head of the Labor and Defense Council during the Civil War, personal correspondence of V.I. Lenin, etc.