Green enamel pen of V.I. Lenin
Green enamel pen of V.I. Lenin
Green enamel pen of V.I. Lenin

Green enamel pen of V.I. Lenin.
Russia. Not later than 1917.
Wood, metal, enamel paint
Length: 19cm /
Nib of Lenin’s pen.
Russia. Not later than 1917.

This is a pen, used by Vladimir Ilyich in 1917, with which he probably signed the First Decrees of the revolution. It was handed over to the Istpart in January 1923 by A. G. Shlichter, who was a member of the first Soviet government as the People’s Commissar for Food. Taking advantage of his official position and long-standing personal acquaintance with the Chairman of the SNK, he once brought his young son Boris with him to Smolny at the end of 1917. On January 14, 1923, in a letter to Istpart, A. G. Schlichter wrote: “The attached pen (wooden, dark green color) belongs to comrade V.I. Lenin and was taken by my son Boris Shlichter in my presence from the table of comrade Lenin in his office in Smolny on the twenties of December 1917. With this pen comrade Lenin signed decrees from the end of November to the day of the taking it… By the way, the law on the separation of church and state was signed with the same pen”.

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