Order of Lenin
Order of Lenin
Order of Lenin

Dubasov I.I.
Order of Lenin.
USSR. 1930.
Metal, enamel, casting, enamel coating
Diameter – 38 mm.
(First variant of the Order)

By the second half of the 1920s, there were two awards in the USSR – the Order of the Red Banner of the USSR and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. In 1926, the idea of creating a new award, the highest in the Table of Ranks, arose. At the beginning of 1930, the development of the design of a new award, which was called «Order of Lenin», was entrusted to the Goznak collective. The Order was based on a photo of V.I. Lenin at the Second Congress of the Comintern in July – August 1920. In the spring of 1930, the first copies of the Order were made and in April – May the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee established the Order and its statute.

ГИМ 111807/1
ГК 21102509