Portrait of I.V. Stalin
Portrait of I.V. Stalin
Portrait of I.V. Stalin

Portrait of I.V. Stalin
Brodsky I.I.

In 1929 Brodsky sent Voroshilov a reproduction of his new work – a portrait of I.V. Stalin.
Approved by the directing officials of the CPSU (b), the painting was acquired by the Museum of the Revolution; its reproduction was issued in a million copies.
The painting was exhibited at prestigious exhibitions: “Artists of the RSFSR during 15 years”, to the 15th anniversary of the October Revolution (1932), and “15 years of the Red Army” (1933).
The portrait was based on a photograph of 1926, in which Stalin was depicted standing at the table, among the leaders of the party. The artist did not witness the retouching of this photograph – disappearance in 1940s of N.K. Antipov, S.M. Kirov, N.P. Komarov, N.M. Shvernik – he died in 1939.

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