Poster "Children of October"
Poster “Children of October”
Poster “Children of October”

Poster “Children of October”.
Moscow – Leningrad. 1933.
Publishing house “OGIZ”, Publishing house “IZOGIZ”
Zernova E., Usynin I.
Paper, fabric, color printing
102.7×70.5 cm.

Posters, created in the 1920s – 1930s were intended to support the expectations of the world socialist revolution. Their main themes were – international proletarian solidarity, exposing the counter-revolutionary classes, growing militarism and fascism. The poster artists were required to show “the persistent preparation of the revolution, the strong leadership of the proletarian party, armed with a revolutionary theory.” Political posters used various artistic techniques to promote the rituals of the October holidays, the purpose of which was the universal expression of civic commitment to the values of the revolution.

ГИМ 110972/23
ГК 6849295