Poster "Our forces are innumerable"
Poster “Our forces are innumerable”
Poster “Our forces are innumerable”

Poster “Our forces are innumerable”.
Duplicated on the fabric.
Moscow – Leningrad. 1941.
State publishing house “Art”
Koretsky V.B.
Paper, fabric, intaglio printing
85.5×58.5 cm

“The Motherland Calls!” by I. Toidze (1941), “Our forces are innumerable”, by V. Koretsky (1941) testify to a radical shift in ideological guidelines at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, when the authorities, along with communism, recognized patriotism as the mainstay of state ideology. These posters themselves became stable symbols, which, for decades, affirmed in the popular consciousness the idea of defending the socialist Fatherland.

ГИМ 110972/287
ФМЛ ИД-287
ГК 6776202