Sculpture. V.I. Lenin
Sculpture. V.I. Lenin
Sculpture. V.I. Lenin

Sculpture. V.I. Lenin.
Shadr I. D.
USSR, Moscow. 1925 – 1927.
254x90x82 cm

One of the first monumental sculptures of V.I. Lenin was a bronze monument by sculptor I.D. Shadr. The author of the architectural part of the monument was S.E. Chernyshev.
25 m high monument was erected in 1927 at the Zemo-Avchal hydroelectric power station in Georgia.
In 1991 the monument was dismantled. The plaster project of this monument is kept in the State Historical Museum collection.

ГИМ 111810/285
ФМЛ С-291
ГК 6819041