Sculpture V.I. Lenin
Sculpture V.I. Lenin
Sculpture V.I. Lenin

Sculpture V.I. Lenin
Sheridan K.
Great Britain. October 1920.
Bronze, casting
42х56х33 cm

In 1920, in London, Claire Sheridan met the head of the Soviet trade delegation L. Kamenev. Thanks to him, Claire received an offer to come to the Soviet Union and create sculptures of Lenin, Trotsky and other revolutionaries who came to power.
The fate of most of Sheridan’s works made in Moscow in 1920 is unknown. The State Historical Museum stores three works by the sculptor.
All other sculptural portraits – of Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Krasin (by the way, paid by the Soviet government through the Stockholm Bank) – disappeared. They are known only from photographs published in Sheridan’s book “Russian Portraits”

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