"V.I. Lenin in Smolny"
“V.I. Lenin in Smolny”
“V.I. Lenin in Smolny”

Brodsky I. I
Painting “V.I. Lenin in Smolny”
USSR, Leningrad, 1930.
Canvas, oil
198×320 cm.
Received free of charge in 1935.

Isaac Brodsky worked a lot on the image of Lenin. Based on sketches and photo documents, he created paintings – “V. I. Lenin against the background of the Kremlin”, “V. I. Lenin against the background of Smolny”, “V. I. Lenin against the background of Volkhovstroy”, “V. I. Lenin at the rally of the Putilov Factory workers” (the artist was awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris World Exhibition for it), and many others.
The painting “Lenin in Smolny” was the final work of the series “Leniniana” and was painted in 1930 to mark the 60th anniversary of Lenin’s birth. Over time, the picture became christomatic, familiar to many generations of Soviet citizens since childhood.

ГИМ 110937/14
ФМЛ К-15
ГК 6815920