"In Shushenskoye (V.I. Lenin and N.K. Krupskaya)"
“In Shushenskoye (V.I. Lenin and N.K. Krupskaya)”
“In Shushenskoye (V.I. Lenin and N.K. Krupskaya)”

Yugay V. N.
Painting “In Shushenskoye (V.I. Lenin and N.K. Krupskaya)”
USSR, Ukrainian SSR, Kiev, 1969.
Canvas, oil
175×201 cm.
The author’s gift to the Central Museum of V.I. Lenin in 1991-1992.

In 1894, at one of the Marxist meetings in Petersburg, Vladimir Ulyanov met for the first time Nadezhda Krupskaya. On 22 (10) July 1898, a church wedding of two exiles took place in the village of Shushenskoye. Two unbelievers were married. The church ceremony was required because there was no “right to atheism” in the Russian Empire. Each subject was required to belong to a particular religion, and only the Church had the right to perform marriages. The peasants of the village of Shushenskoye witnessed the marriage.

ГИМ 114321
ФМЛ К-459
ГК 18155113