Order of Labor of the Khorezm People's Soviet Republic
Order of Labor of the Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic
Order of Labor of the Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic

Order of Labor of the Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic.
Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic. 1922.
Language: Turkic
Silver, enamel
50×40 mm. Total weight: 27.17 g.
Silver 960 ° 26.40 g.

This Order was received from the museum of the IMEL (The Marx–Engels–Lenin Institute) in December 1935, and for a long time was listed in the museum’s funds as a badge with the inscription: “Comrades in labor of the Turkic world, unite!” The Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic was proclaimed on April 27, 1920 at the First Khorezm Kurultai. It was formed on the territory of the former Khiva Khanate as a result of a victorious popular uprising. The delegates sent a letter to V.I. Lenin, which said: “The Khiva Kurultai unanimously elected you the Honorary Chairman. The working masses of the Khiva Republic today embark on the path of joint work with the proletariat of Russia and the whole world and firmly believe in the inevitable and imminent emancipation of the East and the coming of the socialist system.” In memory of the second anniversary of the victory of the revolution in Khorezm, the Central Executive Committee of the KhPSR made a decision to establish the Order of Labor, decided to reward V. I. Lenin with it and sent him a letter with the following content: “To the Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR, comrade V.I. Lenin. Dear comrade! We are pleased to inform you that we have begun the peaceful construction of Soviet Khorezm. We strictly adhere to your behests, do our best to destroy the Turkmen-Uzbek enmity, which the old tsarist government so carefully raised, and to merge all the peoples of Khorezm into a single fraternal family. We set about organizing the life of our farmers, following your words, which have deeply rooted in the hearts of each of us. We set about organizing our industry, the development of which was prevented by the previous tsarist colonialist policy. And in this again we are guided by your outline of the New Economic Policy. In memory of the second anniversary of the Khorezm revolution, we established the Order of Labor for our heroes of labor. We ask you, our dear and beloved teacher, to accept this Order in accordance with the decree of the Central Executive Committee and wear it as a symbol of the emancipation of labor in the East after centuries of slavery. “

ГИМ 114323/3
ФМЛ ЛВ-1936
ВА 826
ГК 15488730