"Walkers with Lenin"
“Walkers with Lenin”
“Walkers with Lenin”

Serov V.A.
Painting “Walkers with Lenin”
USSR, Moscow. 1950.
Canvas, oil
61×58.5 cm.

This picture is dedicated to the meeting of peasant walkers with Lenin.
At the height of the Civil war representatives of peasant communities moved to the Kremlin, Moscow, «to seek the truth» from the Head of the Soviet government.
In conversations with Lenin the peasants felt consonance with his cunning, man’s mentality, and upon returning home they told about his thrift and reasonableness. After the introduction of a New Economic Policy, Lenin remained in the eyes of peasantry the only leader capable of implementing people’s dreams of exterminating social miseries and injustice.

ГИМ 110937/136
ФМЛ К-137
ГК 6825372